The Compulsions

The Compulsions


For over a decade, fans, press and radio alike have been freaking out over The Compulsions’ brand of gritty, streetwise rock ‘n’ roll. To bring his musical vision to life, front man Rob Carlyle’s impressive Rolodex obviously includes sidemen for the likes David Bowie, Guns N’ Roses, New York Dolls, Howlin’ Wolf and many others. But does the music live up to the resumes? Well, here’s what many are saying:

“Move Over Axl, Here Comes Rob Carlyle And The Compulsions!” -

“They Have That Dirty Rock Sound That Not Enough Bands Seem To Have These Days” - Alice Cooper

“By Far One Of The Greatest Underrated Rock Bands Of Our Generation” - AntiMUSIC

“A High Level Of Craftsmanship And A Back Alley Sensibility Sorely Lacking In Most Modern Rock & Roll” - The Big Takeover