Alt R&B

‘Unique’ and ‘Groundbreaking’ seem to be common adjectives used when people listen to Ramsey’s music or see her on stage. Ramsey has been making music and singing for as long as she can remember, participating in jazz/symphonic and choir while in school and now Ramsey is writing and recording her own music. Her sound has expanded and reflects Ramsey’s eclectic taste across all musical genres, while her lyrics stay very personal and rooted in a type of truth and storytelling that has earned her millions of plays on SoundCloud and a very dedicated fan base.
Her debut EP’s single “See You Bleed” was posted online in February of 2016 and quickly climbed the charts breaking the top 200 on the worldwide Digital Radio tracker giving her an international fan base.

The press quickly reacted to Ramsey’s unique blend of Alternative R&B infused electronica and she received coverage from a wide range of publications spanning the Huffington Post to Perez Hilton.

Soundscape begins their review of Ramsey: "There is a dark line that many artists choose not to cross, perhaps for fear of the painful emotional pull that crossing that line creates, or the potential of not being as commercially acceptable as easier musical choices might be; but for those daring artists, like the impressive Ramsey, crossing that line is the only obvious option. Currently promoting the edgy and beautiful track See You Bleed, Ramsey is here to make it very clear that she has what it takes to capture your attention and not let it go."

For the last year and a half, Ramsey has been hard at work writing and recording dozens of new songs, each more personal than the next and all of them stories that should engage her fans as never before. “I’ve been a little MIA of late but I decided to focus this last year on writing and creating, the result of which led me into the next chapter of myself and my project, and I can’t wait to share it."

Ramsey lives in Los Angeles.