Evan Nachimson

Evan Nachimson


Born 10 weeks early to his then 34 year old mother in Baltimore, Maryland, Evan Nachimson was never supposed to make it past a couple weeks. Spending his first few weeks of waking life in an incubator, he was nearly shielded from physical touch. It’s no wonder he has spent his life's work depending on his ears. By the time he was 13, he began posting videos of himself on Youtube, singing songs he had written alone in his bedroom with an acoustic guitar. He’d play it extra loud to drown out the too-often roaring arguments in a once turbulent household. By 14, his first EP - WHO I AM was recorded and self-released to a small curious crowd of peers and family at The Recher Theatre in Towson, Maryland. The songs explored themes of identity, jealousy, and longing and were released on iTunes. As a Junior in High School, Evan began attending Berklee College of Music as a student in the summer. He played and created music with young future-famous artists and respected musicians like Taylor Gordon (The Pocket Queen), and dormitory neighbor, Charlie Puth. He released a string of singles during his time at Berklee that circulated the inner-circles of the school and became a well-known songwriting force in the community.

At 19, he moved to New York City to live where his hero Bob Dylan had once lived. Industry insiders and peers alike had taken a keen interest in Evan’s artistry and songwriting whose music began to explore more philosophical and political themes. His first release on streaming services was the self-produced and self-funded EP, QUESTIONS (2017) with a band of his closest friends (Cale Hawkins, C-BASS, Ronnie Lanzilotta of Evolfo, Aya Jack, and Leah Rich). At the same time, Evan began working with children as a Manny to make ends meet. The future looked limitless for the resilient and fiercely independent artist. At the same time, his mother fell ill with Breast Cancer but encouraged him to stay in NYC to continue to build his career. Years of practicing, writing and working could no longer distract from unresolved emotional trauma from the past and Nachimson fell into a deep depression that sent him to the hospital and on a path to rehabilitation. While recovering he attended weekly therapy sessions while re-learning how to find joy in creating music again.

Too socially anxious to venture out to parties, Evan created his own speakeasy venue where his friends could perform in a space where they didn’t have to compete to be heard. It was then that the legendary Candle Room was born in a small cluttered basement in Bushwick. The night was carefully curated by Evan himself allowing him to feel comfortable in a social setting. Cell phone usage was banned and the venue was password protected and built entirely via word of mouth. In one short year, artists from all around Brooklyn began performing at the Candle Room and a new scene focusing on genuine connection through songwriting was born. Attendees began pouring in the hundreds while dancing through the wee hours of the night as the evening expanded to include DJ’s from other scenes in BK. Many of them began to collaborate with Evan on the Questions Re-Envisioned EP (early 2017 feat. DrewoftheDrew, Mallow, Kevin Theodore and SATTA). The minor success of Stone Heart began to grow organically and a cult-like following grew. His music began to explore his inner life more than what was going on in the outer-world and in late 2017 the EP, NIGHT FALLS FAST was produced by GRAMMY Award Winner- Fernando Lodeiro (Esperanza Spalding) teaming up with his band of best friends (now including James Quinlan on bass - Sammy Rae & The Friends). The EP included songs like Take Me As I Am which explored his turbulent battle with depression. Unfortunately, a death in his family, and a turbulent break-up sent him back into a depressive relapse and marred his ability to promote and tour the record. For three years, Evan retreated from the scene he had helped create to focus on his mental health. He began working and performing for children as a living by creating original music that introduced kids to basic emotional self regulation and mindfulness practices. He re-emerged in 2019 with a string of singles produced by his long-time collaborator and friend Cale Hawkins (Quincy Jones, Arthur Moon, Raveena). The joy-filled, positivity induced WAFFLES and the silly and absurdist CRABS introduced audiences to a brighter side of Evan. The Candle Room returned to larger spaces and venues across NYC and has consistently continued to grow to include more artists (J.Hoard, pronoun, Toth).

While other artists in Brooklyn began to blow up, Evan Nachimson continued focusing on writing genuine music that fosters real connection. During COVID he began writing and directing an A U D I O - S E R I E S, the first fictional episodic series of its kind featuring EMMY and TONY Winner Billy Crudup. The series based on Evan’s own experiences is set to release behind a bed of new music in 2022. All self-funded, fiercely independent, and wildly imaginative, Evan Nachimson continues to innovate and create despite whatever challenges are thrown his way.